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  • Anthony2nd

    Novosibirsk, Russia

    Strange as it may seem, but regular practice for an hour daily has had an impressive effect :) Gradually, I am beginning to understand how to think in this language! And I came up with the right answer without hesitating...

  • Vladimir Kritsuk
    Vladimir Kritsuk:

    Saint Petersburg, Russia

    Something's happening... a little slower than I'd like, but it's happening. More and more words and phrases are sinking in. The most important is that it never crossed my mind to give up. It turned out to be really interesting... I am so glad to have come across this site! Many thanks to those who created this site...

  • Lilia Micaliuc
    Lilia Micaliuc:

    Chisinau, Moldova

    I am a beginner. I was having trouble learning English, but I have achieved my goals after just a couple of months learning English by myself. Here, you learn to understand unfamiliar English speech, learn new words, but what's most important... expand...

  • Игорь

    Moscow, Russia

    I'm making progress. I practice every day. Before that, I had been using another service. The result was zero. After using your resource for 8 months, I feel that whole phrases sink in, not just new words. expand...

  • Katherine

    Odessa, Ukraine

    It should be noted that the English grammar material is presented in an intuitive and simple manner. Sometimes I feel like a group of teachers is competing to make the best presentation of a topic to novices, making it as simple as possible))), and... expand...

  • Dinara


    Day by day, my interest and progress in learning English are growing!!! The most convenient and well-developed online resource for learning English! Thank you! I study English here, and those who study German envy me. Do you have a similar website for learning German? Thank you in advance!

  • Светлана
    Svetlana Kuznetsova:


    When I came across your website, I was able to read books in English fluently but listening comprehension of "live" speech was always a problem. The Learnathome site helped me overcome the problem by offering a simple but very effective learning method. expand...

  • Anna


    I love your website. With its help, I've learned to understand English. It's the real deal. My English was very bad when I was first starting using your site. I never even dreamed that I would learn English. expand...

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