How it works

Writing Exercise. Instructions


Choose a simple lesson; this one, for example. A page like this will appear:

Trial writing lesson. Start.


In case you didn’t notice the "start" button, it’s on the right. Click on it.

Trial writing lesson. Start button


You have 5 key phrases, which you will have to translate into Russian. Click on ‘Continue’.

Trial writing lesson. Phrases


You will see a screen with the first phrase for translation and a bunch of user avatars. Each little avatar marks an original and, most importantly, expert-approved translation.

Trial writing lesson. Translate

How can I be sure that other people's translations are correct?


Text entry is the same as in the Listening exercise. If you entered an incorrect letter, it will turn red and you'll hear a signal. Delete the incorrect letter and type in the correct one.

Trial writing lesson. Answer


It's enough to translate one of the variations to move on to the next phrase. As an option, you can solve other translations.

Trial writing lesson. Right translate


We recommend doing at least 2 translations of one phrase. The more they differ from each other, the more useful it will be. This way you'll be able to find out how to translate the phrase in a different way.

Trial writing lesson. More lessons

I wanted to translate the phrase again, but ended up on the next one


The input template shows the length of the words and how many of them there are. The template is on one hand a hint, but on the other - a puzzle. Don't try too hard to figure it out. It's okay to use a Hint. An all-or-nothing approach is not helpful.

Trial writing lesson. Hint


After translating all 5 phrases you will receive a calculation of your score.

Trial writing lesson. Score

What do the numbers in my score mean


Upon completion of a lesson, reflect on the key phrases’ translations. The main principle in language study is thoughtfulness and the ability to act out a dialog in your head.

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