How it works

Speaking exercise. Instructions


Choose a simple lesson; This one, for example. A page like this will appear:

Trial speaking lesson. Start


In case you didn’t notice the "start" button, it’s on the right. Click on it.

Trial speaking lesson. Start button


You will be presented with 5 key phrases, which you will have to translate aloud into Russian. Click CONTINUE.

Trial speaking lesson. Phrases


You will see a screen with the first phrase to be translated and a big microphone button in the center of the screen.

Trial speaking lesson. First phrase for translate

I only see some sort of window


Recall the key translation that you have done earlier, click the microphone, and say it aloud. You have to do this before the circular indicator completes a circle. You should see a waveform while speaking. This means the microphone is working properly.

Trial speaking lesson. Answer recording

I can't say the translation in time

I don't see a waveform


As soon as the indicator completes a circle, recognition starts. This can take several seconds.

Trial speaking lesson. Translate recognition

Arrows will go around in a circle for a while


The recognition results will show in the input box. Words pronounced correctly will be highlighted in green, and words that have mistakes or inaccuracies in pronunciation will be highlighted in orange.

Trial speaking lesson. Recognition result

I said one thing, but something else was recognized


You are given 3 attempts for each phrase. Their results are shown by 3 little boxes under the microphone, which are marked with the appropriate color. Green means the phrase was translated and pronounced well; yellow means there are some questions about the words or pronunciation; red means there was a problem with recognition.

Trial speaking lesson. Atempts for translate

Why did the indicator turn red?


If after the first or second attempt the indicator is green, you can skip the remaining attempts and move on to the next phrase.

Trial speaking lesson. Good result


After translating all 5 phrases you will receive a calculation of your score.

Trial speaking lesson. Score

What do the numbers in my score mean


Upon completion of a lesson, reflect on the key phrases’ translations. The main principle in language study is thoughtfulness and the ability to act out a dialog in your head.

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