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    • Our audience and mission


      Our audience and mission

      Welcome to a new website for learning Russian online. We hope it will help people studying Russian as a foreign language at school, university, work or at home. To use it, you just have to know the Russian alphabet and have basic reading skills.The website provides lessons for every level from Elementary to Advanced.

      We should warn you that this is not a game, so get ready to work hard. We want you to get as much benefit from it as possible. This is the mission of our website.




      How it works

      You just have to complete lessons that match your level of Russian. The lessons consist of practical exercises that develop your most important language skills — listening comprehension, writing and speaking — as efficiently as possible.

      The website provides two types of lessons: listening comprehension and grammar. Both are very important. In listening comprehension-based lessons you do a listening comprehension task, and then reinforce the most important phrases with writing and speaking exercises. In grammar-based lessons you do a practical grammar task, and then also reinforce the key phrases by writing and speaking.

      Use the Lessons section filter to choose the lessons you want or check out the virtual tutor recommendations (see below).

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      What makes our method different

      What makes our method different

      We focus specifically on listening comprehension, writing and speaking, instead of reading and memorizing words. Just follow our recommendations and you will naturally develop your reading skills and master the required vocabulary. It doesn't work the other way round. Even if you have excellent reading skills, this doesn't mean that your listening, speaking and writing skills will be as good as you want. The same goes for theoretical grammar knowledge.

      Please don't get us wrong; reading, theory and new words are great. We just fix the skills imbalance and make your speech active instead of passive.

      So please heed our honest advice: stop wasting your time on flashcards with words and grammar quizzes. As beautifully designed as these may be, this is the least efficient study method. Time is a precious resource; let's spend it as efficiently as possible.


      A little about LISTENING exercises

      Listening comprehension exercises

      The task is simple — just write down what you've heard.

      But sometimes this can prove really difficult. We know all the patterns of our mother tongue. They help us comprehend even the most unintelligible speech. In other words, we know in advance what we can reasonably expect the other person to say, but we don't usually possess such background knowledge in foreign languages. Even if you know all the grammar rules, but not the patterns, you'll have a hard time trying to understand what others say. Live speech is a continuous flow, and therefore imperfect. It is like a text without spaces, in cursive and with contorted letters. Details slip away. All you have left are separate words that only allow you to find an approximate meaning.

      Our exercises teaches you not only to restore all the details of what you've heard, but also helps you absorb language patterns. All your passive language knowledge is now fully engaged.

      But wait, there's more! If you work hard and do the exercises in full-input mode, you will obtain good writing skills as a bonus.

      Instructions for listening comprehension exercises

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      A few words about ACTIVE GRAMMAR exercises

      Active grammar exercises

      Active grammar, as we see it, is a way to speak grammatically correctly, and not filling in the gaps in grammar quizzes.

      This can be achieved by performing the special exercises that are only available on our website. Doing these, you perfect several important skills at once: listening comprehension with a focus on the details of the question, keeping the question and the answer model in your memory, instant building of a grammatically correct answer and its vocalization.

      As this exercise is built on a "question and answer" basis, it develops your skills as close to real conversation situations as possible. Moreover, this exercise is even harder than real speech, because it makes you follow the logic of the model, so, you get double value. As the saying goes, "train hard, fight easy".

      Instructions for active grammar exercises

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      Some info about WARM UP exercises

      Warm up exercises

      The warm up is the first item in your daily exercise plan. You have to translate the given phrases from English into Russian, one by one.

      A teacher provides feedback on every translation. You will receive some comments instantly, while others will take a day — provided, of course, that you are a Premium member. Not only will you get feedback on your translations, but will also see other possible translations of this phrase.

      This service is based on the huge work that our teachers do every day. In other words, we take over when spell checkers fail.



      Quick info about WRITING exercises

      Writing exercises

      These exercises are generally similar to the Warm up. The difference is in its enhanced functionality. Here you can use other versions or suggest your own and get feedback on your translation from the teachers. All suggested versions are displayed with icons of the users who sent them first.

      All versions with icons are acceptable translations of the offered phrase.

      Instructions for writing exercises


      A little about SPEAKING exercises

      Speaking exercises

      These exercises are intended to help you comprehend key phrases better. They engage speech memorization and the recognition mechanism.

      Translating and vocalizing phrases will be a great help in overcoming the language barrier and improving your articulation.

      In this implementation the task is simple — you have one attempt to say the translation of a phrase in Russian and up to two additional attempts to improve your pronunciation.

      Unfortunately, computers do not recognize speech quite as well as humans, so don't take the recognition results too seriously. What really matters is how much effort you make.

      Instructions for speaking exercises


      Virtual tutor

      Virtual tutor

      Your personal task plan will appear on your wall every day. It goes from easy to difficult, but the system uses a special algorithm to build it.

      So you have a virtual tutor to guide you. Sometimes it gives you tasks much harder than previous ones, and sometimes it's the other way around. Your exercise results also affect these recommendations.

      However, you do not have to follow its advice. You can select the lesson you want in the Lessons menu. The lesson type and level filter will help you do this.

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      Comprehensive progress determination

      Comprehensive progress determination

      When the system determines your level, it takes into account the results of the exercises you've completed. For this purpose, we developed a unique measurement system.

      Its accuracy regarding such skills as listening comprehension is unmatched.

      Everything is calculated automatically and displayed in a visual form, both in absolute values and compared with the results of other students.

      You can check your level at any time in any skill and how long it took you to achieve it.

      For the measurement system to work as intended, register an account and complete at least 5 lessons. Some of its functions are only available to Premium members.


      Free or Premium access

      Free or Premium access

      Some Listening Comprehension exercises are free. The Warm up is also free, except for the verification of your translations by a teacher. That's more than enough to perfect your skills if you know Russian quite well.

      If you are starting from Elementary or Medium level, we highly recommend you purchase the Premium access. This will enable you to perfect all your skills equally and to study the language as efficiently as possible.

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