How it works

Active Grammar Exercise. Instructions


Choose a simple lesson; this one for example. A page like this will appear:

Trial russian grammar lesson.


In case you didn't notice the "start" button, it's on the right as usual. Click on it.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Begining


Simply wait while everything that is necessary is said and shown.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Phrase

What I see is an Adobe Flash symbol

I don't hear any sound.


Your task is to understand the logic of the model and to answer the question following that logic. To do this, compare the question in the model and question 1. Now, while looking at the answer in the model, formulate an answer to the question. You need to imagine that someone is really asking you the question and you are answering.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Logic

I don't quite get it. Can you give me an example?


The best way to understand how this works is to start entering text. In simplified mode entering the first letter is enough. In addition, the first letter is uncovered for you.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Right

I want to enter complete words


If you enter the wrong letter, it turns red and you'll hear a signal. Delete it and enter the correct letter.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Error

Difficulty entering text. I don't have Cyrillic on my keyboard


Don't be surprised if the text on the screen disappears and 2 buttons appear in its place. When this happens know that your goal is to listen and answer, not read and answer. So, before entering your answer, say it aloud or to yourself. The buttons are always at your service. The left button turns on voice recording, and the right button opens the text.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Buttons

I want to answer aloud immediately


If after 2-3 attempts you still can't open a word, we advise you to click on the HINT button. There is no need here for an all-or-nothing approach.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Hint

I need translation to English


In each Active Grammar exercise there are 5 models with 4 answers each. 20 phrases total. If you imagine yourself in a real-life situation during each answer, then this will be excellent practice.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Indicators

After entering each phrase you will receive a calculation of your score.

Trial russian grammar lesson. Score

What do the numbers in my score mean

Upon completion of a lesson, reflect on the key phrases and text of that lesson. It's best to take a break before starting the next exercise. The main principle in language study is thoughtfulness and the ability to act out a dialog in your head.

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