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20 выражений с time

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    Время – одна из главных ценностей в нашей жизни. Важно уметь управлять им правильно. Это умение начинается, в частности, со способности выразить свои мысли о времени на разных языках, если вы ими увлекаетесь. На страницах нашего сайта можно научиться это сделать по-английски. Мы предлагаем вам 20 устойчивых выражений с переводом и примерами использования со словом time – время.

    Выражения с Time - Time idioms

    1. be on time – не опоздать

      'The trains always run on time in my country. They are never late.'

    2. time flies – время летит быстро

      'Time flies when you are having fun.'

    3. in the nick of time – в мгновение ока

      'My team scored in the nick of time. The game was in the last few seconds.'

    4. turn back the hands of time – повернуть время вспять

      'If I could turn back the hands of time, I wouldn't have done what I did.'

    5. save time – экономить время

      'We will save time if we drive instead of taking the bus.'

    6. spare time – свободное время

      'In my spare time I like to learn English.'

    7. as time goes by – со временем

      'As time has gone by I have become less interested in going to nightclubs on the weekends.'

    8. be out of time – испытывать нехватку времени

      'Please stop writing. You are out of time. The exam has finished.'

    9. make time – выкроить, уделить время

      'I know that you are busy, but you will have to make time to attend the meeting.'

    10. time for a change – время перемен

      'After working in the same job for 5 years, I now feel like it is time for a change.'

    11. time is money – время - деньги

      'I can't wait here all day. Time is money, you know?'

    12. time heals all wounds – время лечит раны

      'I was sad for a long time after I broke up with my boyfriend, but time heals all wounds. I'm fine now.'

    13. only time will tell – время покажет

      'Will we ever have peace in the world? Only time will tell.'

    14. kill time – убить время

      'We've got 4 hours until our flight leaves. What are we going to do until then? How are we going to kill time?'

    15. time after time – время от времени

      'Time after time Tom was late for school. His teacher told him if he was late again he would be in big trouble.'

    16. time off - отпуск

      'You are working too much. You need to take some time off.'

    17. a waste of time – напрасная трата времени

      It's a waste of time calling that company. They never answer the telephones.'

    18. a hard time – тяжелые времена

      'She's had a hard time recently; she lost her job and then her mother died.'

    19. too much time on my hands – вагон времени

      'He watches so much TV because he has too much time on his hands.'

    20. a whale of a time - развлечение

      'I had a whale of a time at your party. Please invite me to your next one.


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2 комментария

  • Yuriy. 6 лет назад

    in the nick of time лучше = в последнюю минуту

  • Yuriy. 6 лет назад

    in the nick of time лучше не "в мгновение ока", которое значит очень быстро.
    in the nick of time = just before it is too late, or just before something bad happens
    Luckily, help arrived in the nick of time.
    • But better in the nick of time than not at all.• Patience, she counselled herself, and turned the chicken in the nick of time.• With repairs completed in the nick of time she sailed for the operation with a depleted crew.• Radio contact was established in the nick of time and we managed to transmit a message to the ship.• He did, however, in the nick of time, and I was issued uneventfully into the governance of Calvin Coolidge.• It finally happened -- and just in the nick of time.• Enter Taligent with its promised solution for rapid applications prototyping and customization in a hardware-independent environment just in the nick of time.• She escaped from her smoke-filled home just in the nick of time.• Those doughty editorial professionals at the Star have once again helped us avert a foolish mistake just in the nick of time!• The money came through just in the nick of time.• But all was well in the nick of time.