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    Значения фразового глагола Go

    Запоминать фразовые глаголы английского языка – задачка не из простых. То ли дело глагол go: если к нему прибавлять разные предлоги и наречия, то получатся глаголы движения в разные направления. Следовательно, если вы знаете значения предлогов и наречий, то и сможете угадать значение всего фразового сочетания с go. Наиболее популярными и употребительными являются следующие фразовые глаголы.

    Phrasal verb Go

    Примеры употребления фразового глагола Go

    Более наглядно использование этих глаголов можно проследить на примерах с переводом.

    Go about - иметь дело с

    How can I go about getting a copy of my birth certificate?

    Go after - стремиться к, следить за

    He went after a very well paid job but didn’t get it.

    Michelle left suddenly then Pierre went after her.

    Go with - встречаться с, сочетаться с

    I've been going with her for quite a while now.

    The skirt she's wearing doesn't really go with her blouse.

    Go ahead - начинать, продолжать

    Even though the risks were high, we decided to go ahead with the project.

    Go along with - соглашаться

    I said it wouldn't work. I didn't go along with it from the beginning.

    Go away - покидать

    Did you stay at home or did you go away over the holidays?

    Go back - возвращаться

    We had a great holiday in Spain last year. We are going back this year.

    Go back on - поменять мнение по поводу

    I said I would do it. I can't go back on it now.

    Go by - проходить, пролетать (о времени); пройти мимо

    A couple of hours went by before he phoned me back.

    Go at - сделать попытку

    They had to go at the problem from many different angles before they finally solved it.

    Go in for - увлекаться

    She’s been going in for ballroom dancing since early childhood.

    Go through with - сделать, осуществить

    He was always threatening to quit his job, but I never thought he'd actually go through with it.

    Ну и под занавес наш традиционный тест, хорошо ли вы усвоили значения фразовых сочетаний с go.

    01 I love sitting at a street café watching the world go ___.

    02 He went ___ his promise and didn't help me out.

    03 Twenty years went ___ before I saw him again.

    04 I had forgotten my passport and had to go ___ to get it.

    05 I heard that Carol is going ___ for the guy who works downstairs.

    06 Please go ___. I'd like to be alone for a while.

    07 In the end, he went ___ Jack even though he had said he agreed with me.

    08 It went ___ without any problems. We're very happy.

    09 I didn't go ___ her when she left.

    10 I can’t believe he went ___ the divorce.

    11 I sent in my application today. I'm going ___ that job.

    12 Do you know how to enroll on the course? I don't know how to go ___ it.

    13 Do you think this wine will go well ___ dinner?

    14 I don’t go ___ with golf much.


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