• Александр Волков больше недели назад

    Hello dear English teachers. Could you explain the meaning of the expression "to talk over a cup". I faced it the other day and tried to look it up in different dictionaries. But everything was in vain. Then I decided to ask my American friend about it. His explanations seemed to be involved. I was unable to understand what he meant exactly. The only thing I realized was "to break sth down" That is "to break sth down" is one of the meanings of this idiom. It's an idiom, isn't it? Is there an exact Russian word or an expression that has a similar meaning?

  • Svetlana Panarina больше недели назад

    Hello, Alexander!
    Frankly, this expression is totally new to me as well. I vannot suggest a word-by-word explanation "to discuss something while drinking tea/ coffee" as this seems too obvious. I have contacted one of my American friends too. As soons as he gets back with an answer, I'll let you know.

  • Александр Волков больше недели назад

    Thank you Svetlana. Let's wait for this answer. At first, I also thought of a word-by-word explanation, but it seemed to be too simple. I won't wonder if it's really so easy.


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