Русские выражения на английском

  • Darya Ryzhkova more than a week ago

    Хотелось бы знать, как перевести некоторые русские выражения, не теряя оттенка:
    Проще пареной репы
    Коту под хвост
    Сколько можно!

  • Streit (Страйт) Мария more than a week ago

    --it's a piece of cake (1: Did you do your math homework yesterday? 2: Nooo, I couldn't figure it out! 1: Really? I thought it was a piece of cake!)

    --down the drain (1: I just spent $200 on this painting and it tore straight through the center on the way home! 2: Maybe you could fix it somehow? 1: I thought about it, but I can't figure out how. No worries, I'll get over it. Just frustrating, throwing money down the drain like that.)

    --много вариантов! For goodness' sake! For crying out loud! For God's sake! Enough already! Enough's enough! и так далее..
    (детей уложили аж два часа назад, еще орут, не спят: "For crying out loud! Enough's enough! GO TO SLEEP ALREADY!")


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