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  • Alexandrova Svetlana больше недели назад

    Nowadays there are many poor children in the world. People try to help them. Some people are acting with special organizations, others are taking matter into their own hands and act alone.

    I agree with this statement. I think that if we have possibility it is our debt to help children in need. To begin with, many children are starving nowadays. Particularly it characteristically to Africa. Our world is too light-minded. For years people throw tons of food. As it would help children in need. In addition poor children can not get a medical aid. Due to it many children is dying of illnesses. Moreover, these children have not possibility to go to school. So they can not get a fundamental education.

    However everything has its disadvantages. Firstly, helping to poor people need huge money. So help of people is very insignificant. They can not to help all children in need. Secondly, help does not always come to distressed. Often, it is just machinations. Thirdly, this act needs to keep everything under control and a lot of free time.

    To sum up, I still believe that we should to help poor children, despite on all difficulties in our life. These children wait our help and we can give them chance to live.


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