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  • Kate Red больше недели назад

    You have received a letter from your English-speaking pen-friend Tom who writes:
    In our city we have an annual competition for teenagers who make their own short films. This year I got the second prize for a film about my grandparents. Do you think it’s important to record family history? Who do you think should do it? How can it be done best?

    This month is my mom’s birthday and now I am thinking about a gift for her.
    I want it to be very special...

    Write a letter to Tom. In your letter answer her questions, ask 3 questions about his mom. Write 100—140 words. Remember the rules of letter writing. You have 20 minutes to do this task.


    Dear tom,
    I was very glad to get your letter. Sorry I haven't written earlier, but I was really busy with my school project.

    Well, in your letter you ask me about recording family history. I truly believe that it's very important to save family history for future generations. In my opinion, children should to record family history. In childhood kids hear different stories or see photos about family and traditions by grandparents. So, I think that preservation pictures or recording stories on Dictaphone is the best way to save history.

    By the way, what about your mom. How old your mom is celebrated? Where is she work? Is she like flowers?

    I've got to go as my father wants me to help him with is car.
    Write me back soon.
    Best wishes,

  • litvial больше недели назад

    То, что сразу бросается в глаза:
    1. Sorry I haven't written... - Правильно, наверное, не written, а replied (ответил).
    2. children should to record... Правильно без "to"
    3, Не "hear"(слышать), а "listen to"(слушать)
    4. Не "see"(видеть), а "look through"(просматривать)
    5. traditions by grandparents - не очень верно "by grandparents". Если Вы имели в виду традиции своих предков, которые и Вы почитаете, то правильно "traditions of the grandparents".
    6 .preservation pictures - во-первых, в том смысле, что Вы хотели, нужно "picture preservation" или "preservation of the pictures" (а у Вас получилось - "фотографии консервирования"). Во-вторых, слово "preservation" (сохранность, консервирование) тут не подходит - лучше "storage" (хранение).
    7. How old your mom is celebrated - неправильно. В Вашем смысле правильнее было бы "how many years has she celebrated"
    8. Where is she work? Неправильно. Work не прилагательное, а глагол, поэтому Where does she work?
    9. Is she like flowers? - Тоже самое. Like здесь - не прилагательное, а глагол, поэтому Does she like flowers?

  • Kate Red больше недели назад

    Благодарю за проверку!


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