What did you have for a snack before sleep? )

  • Staff больше недели назад

    Что Вы сегодня ели перед сном?

    Что Вы сегодня ели перед сном?

  • marceline больше недели назад

    well, technically that was yesterday)) i had some lemon water and a few slices of cheese. i can recall myself having a whole chocolate bar at once before sleep like the other night, that's not my usual practice though :)

  • SofiaR больше недели назад

    Usually, I eat an apple or drink tea with cookies.

  • Natalya Zalogina больше недели назад

    Nothing. =) Otherwise, I'll get headache on the next morning.

  • Ирка-Задирка больше недели назад

    I ate a piece of pie with tomatoes and basil :)

  • Мария100 больше недели назад

    Usually I eat ice-cream with strawberry :)


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