Добрый вечер. Помогите пожалуйста ответить на вопрос по тексту. Путаюсь с подлежащим и сказуемым. Только правильно.

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    Ответьте письменно на вопрос по тексту.
    How can we find the centre of gravity?
    Сам текст такой.

    1) We know gravity to act on every particle of a body so that its weight is distributed throughout the body. 2) A solid body appears to have one point at which it can be supported by a single upward force. 3) In other words, the whole weight of a body acts as though it were concentrated at a single point-the centre of gravity. 4) The centre of gravity is an imaginary point.
    5) If you are asked to carry a heavy object in one hand you automatically take it up at the centre of gravity. 6) If it begins to tip you move your hand along the object to the centre of gravity. 7) The location of the centre of gravity of a uniform body is known to depend on its shape and size. 8) Generally speaking, the location of the centre of gravity of any object is found by experiment. 9) A book lying on a table is expected to keep its position without any difficulty, as one knows it to be in a state of equilibrium. 10) However, to make it stand on end is not easy at all. 11) In the same way, a pencil lies on the table without any tendency to tip over. 12) With some difficulty we can make it stand on its unsharpened end but it doesn’t stand on its sharp end.
    13) All common objects have different stability depending on their shape, weight and position. 14)Everyday experience shows us that heavy objects are more stable than light ones. 15) The stability of an object is measured by the amount of work to be required to make it take a new position. 16) The stability of an object is greatest when its centre of gravity is at the lowest level.


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