Полезные выражения в деловом английском. Часть 2

  • Полезные деловые выражения на английском языке. Ниже приведены возможные вопросы и ответы на соответствующие темы.

    Job Responsibilities

    What do you do (in your job)? 

    What is your main job? 

    What are you in charge of?

    • I am in charge of training employees. 
    • I am responsible for watering the plants. 
    • I take care of corporate accounts. 
    • I usually answer telephones.
    • I mainly write reports. 
    • I repair jet engines. 

    Company Description

    What company do you work for? 

    Which company are you with? 

    Who do you represent?

    • I work for ABC Company. 
    • I'm with ABC. 
    • I represent (the) XYZ (company).

    What is the name of your company? 

    Where are you located?

    • The name of our company is . . . . 
    • Our company is located in . . . . 

    What (type of business) do you do? 

    What business are you in?

    • We are in the computer business. 
    • We're in computers.
    • We sell . . . 
    • We produce . . . 
    • We manufacture . . . 
    • Our major products are . . 

    Describing Jobs

    What do you do? 

    What do you do for a living? 

    What is your occupation?

    What type of work do you do? 

    Where do you work? 

    • I'm a salesman. (job-general)
    • I'm in sales. (general)
    • I'm in the toy business. (industry)
    • I'm a contractor at JBX. (specific)
    • I'm a consultant for YXL.

    What company do you work for? 

    • I work for Bellwest. (company name)
    • I work at Wellbest. (general)
    • I'm with Westbell. (industry)

    What do you do there?

    What do you do at Bellwest? 

    • I'm a software engineer. (job title)
    • I work in the sales department. (place in company)
    • I'm in customer service. (general area)
    • I work as an instructor.
    • I build houses. (specific job)
    • I clean the restrooms.

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