Разговор о компании

  • Предлагаем Вам ознакомиться со стандартными выражениями, которые помогут Вам грамотно расспросить или ответить на вопросы собеседника о компании, ее продуктах и ценах.


    1. Information about company


    • What does your company do?
    • What is your specialty?
    • What do you specialize in?
    • What is your main line of business?
    • What are your major products?
    • What services do you provide?


    • We produce marketing materials.
    • We specialize in art and design.
    • We produce office machines.
    • We design software.
    • We provide technical support.

    2. Information about products 

    • Could you give me some (more) information on this?
    • What can you tell me about this (product)?
    • Tell me about this one/model.
    • This is one of our top brands.
    • It's our best selling refrigerator.
    • This one is the best in its class.
    • We're really pleased with its performance.
    • It's an excellent computer.
    • I highly recommend this one.
    • This model comes with several features.
    • This particular one has two components.

    3. Information about Price


    • What are you asking for this?
    • What does this sell for?
    • How much is it?
    • How much does it run?


    • This (one) sells for $5900.
    • This one goes for $2900.
    • This one is priced at $9695.

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