Как по-английски сказать "Например"?

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  • Оказывается, "например" - это не только "for example"! У этого выражения есть много синонимов.

    Вот некоторые из них:

    Idioms for giving examples

    • For one. Several people haven't seen the presentation yet. John and Fred, for one.
    • Take for instance. Many food manufacturers are now moving into the Chinese market. Take for instance Archie, maker of the famous Toto brand.
    • To name (just) a few. The list of speakers at the forum was impressive: John Smith, Mary Daniels and Steven Walsh, to name just a few.
    • A good example is. Some multinational companies provide information on their website in many languages. A good example is Coca-Cola.
    • A case in point is. Elliott is one of the best rappers around, and her new album is a case in point.
    • Alone. All areas of the business have seen improved sales. Sales of soft drinks alone rose by 9% in the last quarter.
    • A typical/classic case. Fenwick Plastic's decline was a typical case of poor strategic planning.
    • Like. National airlines like British Airways and Air France face stiff competition from budget carriers.
    • Such as. Chinese companies, such as Nanjing Automotive, are now moving into European markets.

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